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At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, our baptism ceremonies are deeply spiritual experiences led by our pastoral team. We create a sacred atmosphere for reflection and connection with God through prayer, scripture, and hymns. Whether through immersion or affusion, we honor biblical principles and invite families and friends to participate in this significant step of faith. Join us as we celebrate the beginning of a lifelong journey with Christ.

Baby Christening

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, we conduct baby christening ceremonies with reverence and love, providing a sacred space for families to dedicate their little ones to God. Led by our pastoral team, each service is tailored to honor the spiritual significance of the occasion through prayers, blessings, and scripture readings. We invite families to join our church community in celebrating this special milestone and nurturing their child's spiritual journey.


At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, we offer rebaptism services for individuals seeking to reaffirm their commitment to Christ. Led by our pastoral team, these ceremonies provide a sacred space for introspection and renewal, emphasizing grace, humility, and the transformative power of God's love. We invite all who feel called to embark on this journey of spiritual rededication to join us in this meaningful and reflective experience.


At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, we provide compassionate and confidential counseling services led by trained pastoral counselors. Our sessions integrate biblical principles and spiritual insights to support individuals and families facing various life challenges, from personal struggles to family conflicts and grief. We tailor our counseling to meet specific needs, offering a safe space for healing and spiritual guidance.

Home Visits

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, our pastoral team offers personalized home visits, bringing spiritual support and fellowship directly to your doorstep. Led by compassionate pastors, these visits provide an opportunity for listening, prayer, and encouragement in the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to build meaningful connections and offer a sense of belonging to our church family, ensuring that you feel supported and cared for throughout your spiritual journey.

Membership Transfer

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, we warmly facilitate membership transfers for those joining our congregation or departing for another Seventh-day Adventist church. Our process ensures a smooth transition, whether individuals are joining us or moving on, fostering a sense of belonging and support throughout their spiritual journey.

Baptismal Class

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, our baptismal class offers guidance and support for individuals considering baptism. Led by our support staff, participants explore the significance of baptism, its biblical foundations, and its personal implications for faith. Join us as we prepare spiritually for this important step in your faith journey.

Youth Classes

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, our youth discipleship and baptismal classes provide a supportive environment for young individuals to deepen their faith. Led by our experienced staff, these classes offer practical teachings on Christian faith and guide participants in understanding the significance of baptism. Join us for enriching classes tailored to the needs of youth at Mt. Calvary SDA Church.

Discipleship Class

At Mt. Calvary SDA Church, our Discipleship class offers a profound journey of spiritual exploration. Led by our guided staff, participants delve into Scripture, engage in rich discussions, and learn practical ways to embody discipleship in their daily lives. Whether you're new to the faith or seeking to deepen your spiritual understanding, join us for an enriching experience of growth and transformation.

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