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About Mt Calvary SDA

Our Church History

At Mt Calvary SDA, we are a bible-based church focused on leading souls towards Calvary by evangelizing and spreading the gospel about the three angels message found in Revelation. Our church was founded on the belief in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and our mission is to share this message of hope and salvation with the world. Join us on our journey as we seek to deepen our understanding of God's Word and reflect His love in our daily lives.

Our Faith

As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the foundation of our faith. We uphold the Ten Commandments as the moral law of God and believe in the sanctity of the Sabbath as a day of rest and worship. Our faith also includes a belief in the second coming of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the dead, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

Our Community

At Mt Calvary SDA, we are more than just a church - we are a spiritual community. We welcome all who seek to learn more about God and His Word, and strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our doors. Our community is built on a foundation of love, compassion, and service to others, both within our church family and beyond.

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