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Virtual Fellowship Hall

"Step into Mt. Calvary SDA's Virtual Fellowship Hall, where connections thrive and hearts unite in a digital space. Join our vibrant community online to engage in uplifting conversations, share meaningful moments, and strengthen your faith. Whether you're a longtime member or a first-time visitor, you'll find warmth, encouragement, and fellowship awaiting you in our virtual sanctuary. Come as you are, and let's journey together in faith and friendship."

  • From the challenging days of Covid-19 in 2019 to our joyful return to in-person gatherings in 2023, Mt. Calvary SDA has been steadfast in providing a diverse array of events and experiences for our community.

  • In the wake of the pandemic, our Pop Market emerged as a beacon of support for local artisans and small businesses, offering a platform for them to showcase their talents and products safely. Meanwhile, our Music Ministry serenaded us with soul-stirring concerts, filling our sanctuary with melodies that uplifted our spirits during uncertain times.

  • As health became a top priority, the Calvary Community Clinic organized Health Fairs, providing essential services and resources to promote wellness within our congregation and beyond. Simultaneously, our online presence flourished with the launch of 'Shakin' It Up,' a YouTube series that brought inspiration and empowerment to youth's, young adult, and adult viewers worldwide.

  • Transitioning seamlessly into the virtual realm, we introduced a plethora of virtual experiences to cater to diverse spiritual needs. From the engaging discussions of WNPL (Wednesday Night Prayer Live) to the soul-nourishing insights of Morning Mana and the serene reflections of Sunset Connection, our virtual prayer discussions became a cherished part of our community's journey.

  • Now, as we joyously reunite in our beloved church building, we carry with us the lessons learned and the bonds strengthened during our time apart. Together, we look forward to embracing the rich tapestry of events and experiences that continue to shape our shared journey of faith, fellowship, and growth at Mt. Calvary SDA.

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